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A Letter To Maria

26 June, 2011

Dear Maria,

Sorry for not answering your emails and skype calls. Life sometimes can be very tricky. We never know what comes next. I’m back to my hometown after six years. I think it is time to stay close to my beloved ones, at least for now. It’s Fall here and the sky is so blue that is almost impossible not to feel touched by it. I feel deeply touched by ipê trees outside. From my window I can see a pink one. They remember me my mom, she loves them, mostly the yellow ones. Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera with me, otherwise I would send you a picture of it. It’s funny, don’t’ you think so? A photographer without a camera. It happens sometimes. So I write instead of shot. Let’s start all over again? I can invite you for a cup of tea and we will talk about love, photography, gardens and the days for come.

With love,



Letter with no picture

5 July, 2011

It’s so often happen to me that I see an image, I am passing it, but I keep it in my minds only, not on the film in my camera.

Sometimes I regret about it. Sometimes I enjoy the fact that this image belongs to me only.

Sometimes I wish to write down what I saw but I forget. Sometimes I do write down it.

I am sure lots of people have such kind of pictures…which were seen but never taken.

Let them discribe it for us. Let them tell us.

4 Comments on “no picture”

  1. kirsti says:

    I was in Berlin for my friends going-away-party, as they were moving to Japan (they came back after half a year or so). It was a sunday, I think, and I was going back to UK in the afternoon (on second thoughts, it might’ve been a monday), and we were going around charity shops, except they are not really charity shops, just shops that sell old shit. And on our way (close to where David Bowie used to live, when he lived in Berlin), we met an old couple. The couple had patches on their left eye, both of them, but they were holding hands. It was as if they had a fight and simultaneous had punched each other in the same eye with the same hand. As if everything they ever did, they did simultaneously. And all I could think was that I did not even bring a camera.

  2. Imagine the underground. I am going up on escalator. On the escalator which goes down I notice the guys with big camera, flash on the top and keep taking pictures. Following the direction his shooting, I saw a newleweds couple goind down on escalator with photographer. She is in white dress, with bucket in her hands. He is in blue shirt. Arm-in-arm. Happiness on their faces.
    Just staight behind the couple, there is a group on Japanese tourists. Somehow they all look the same: about 20 of them, 50 years old, dressed the same, shorter than couple, with very serious or let’s say no expression faces, some of them were wearing protective face masks.
    All of them were going down. I went up. But bizzard picture from London daily life stayed with me in my minds.

  3. Petr says:

    I was in Varna, Bulgaria for a friend’s wedding. He is one of my best friends. I was there as a friend but also as a wedding photographer, which I normally dont do, but eventually accepted on the condition that I can shoot it with a point and shoot camera and the way I want. And after all, he is my friend.
    So I shot the preparations, how the boys go to the hairdressers, how the bride is getting ready in her chambers, the wedding in the orthodox church, the feast and the party on the beach at night…. many rolls of film. Then came friday and we were leaving with a car. He and his new weife were standing there with their little dog and waving hands at us. Behind them was a concrete panel bulding. The two of them (or three with the dog) was a perfect closing picture, very revealing, because it shows the beginning of real life, when all the guests leave and only the couple stays. But my camera was in the back of the car somewhere, packed already. I regret not taking it…

  4. From Ko Sakauchi:

    Matthew : There is no film in this camera.
    Jerry : How come do you take a picture with no film?
    Matthew : ……Photographer.

    from ‘The saint of Fort Washington’

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