Letter 58

Letter 58

Each of us lives in own small world. But there are other worlds… about which we might not know.

Letter 57

how do we know that told story is truth…

here is always somewhere else

One day he decided to make a very long sailing trip

in search of the miraculous


*he was the fourth element


(Bas Jan Ader)

letter 55

my dear maria,

how are you?

i’ve been trying to keep life quite beautiful. by now we are making wooden furnitures by ourselves. flowers and herbs flourish in the garden. it makes the house so lovely! from time to time my son and i glimpse a butterfly with its tiny and colored wings. and my son runs to take his little camera. most of times the small insect flies along the air before he can picture it. and he starts laughing. *butterflies and children are easy images, don’t you think so?* it is delightful anyway, children and butterflies. it’s the end of the winter and the days are pretty cold. i can’t sleep well. nights have been so long. actually i could never sleep well. i belive that is why i started reading, and after some time writing. i’ve written far less than i wish, though. when we start living things it becomes difficult to write about them. such as love. it is essential its abcence to write about it. by now, my sweet, i’m just thinking about men and women working day by day, about this unusual wolrd around us. that is why i still walk with bare feet. it is my resistance.

with love,


letter 54


letter 53

’cause sometimes i want to tell you a thing.

partícula I



letter 52


letter 51

eden is that old-fashioned house

we dwell in every day

without suspecting our abode

until we drive away


how fair, on looking back, the day

we sauntered from the door

unconscious our returning

discover it no more


*emily dickinson

letter 50

nigh on winter

you hold my hand tight

and life took place again

if you could know how many shadows

will remain amongst us

in the very moment of your dreams

royal cordillera

even when we cannot reach it

we know it is still there – so white –

looking on men and their secrets

as it always has been


letter nr.something

from which direction it will come?


coordinates of the corner

the home

i wish i knew them

south pacific

tell me a unique word

and if you look that close

you will see simply

a deep square of blue

a leap (Christmas post)

…and this leap from age to age,

from the order of a child to that of an old man,

will not diminish us.


– paul eluard-

… and, as ancient times,

i could sleep in the sea.

-paul eluard-

we both look like from eastern europe

[2:44:03 PM] Ana: everybody was asking me about you

[2:44:07 PM] Ana: how you look like

[2:44:11 PM] Maria: really?

[2:44:13 PM] Maria: hahaha

[2:44:16 PM] Maria: what did u say

[2:44:22 PM] Ana: if we have ever seen each other

[2:44:34 PM] Maria: 🙂

[2:44:43 PM] Ana: i told you were from the east europe

[2:44:56 PM] Maria: haha

[2:44:57 PM] Ana: and that you have short red hair

[2:45:03 PM] Maria: yes i have eastern europe look 😉

[2:45:09 PM] Ana: do you still have red hair?

[2:45:12 PM] Maria: nope

[2:45:17 PM] Ana: hahahaha

[2:45:27 PM] Maria: its first time in my life since i was 18, i have my own colour of hair

[2:45:48 PM] Ana: oh!!

[2:45:50 PM] Maria: i have forgotten already what my color was 🙂

[2:45:55 PM] Ana: and what colour it is?

[2:45:59 PM] Ana: is it?

[2:46:06 PM] Maria: i cut all coloured hair since

[2:46:21 PM] Maria: we called in as a joke “mouse grey” 🙂

[2:46:36 PM] Ana: that’s my hair colour also!

[2:46:39 PM] Maria: !!!!!

[2:46:49 PM] Ana: yep

[2:46:49 PM] Maria: hehe

[2:46:54 PM] Ana: hahahaha

[2:46:55 PM] Maria: so you know then what i mean:)

[2:47:02 PM] Ana: yep

[2:47:07 PM] Maria: i hated it, that’s why i was colouring since 18

[2:47:22 PM] Ana: i used to colored mine as well

[2:47:34 PM] Ana: but then i got pregnant and i had to stop

[2:47:54 PM] Ana: so i decided not to colour them since then

[2:48:03 PM] Maria: but recently i started to think that most of my friends have grey hair and they are still young. they have to colour to feel they are still young. but i dont have grey ones. i am lucky, so i need to stop color and show my natural color then:)

[2:48:20 PM] Ana: and now they are long…

[2:48:46 PM] Ana: i use very short hair since my 13

[2:49:02 PM] Maria: i am always with short

[2:49:10 PM] Ana: i love then short

[2:49:17 PM] Ana: but now they are really long

[2:49:30 PM] Maria: i have now 70% of my head is with hair 2cm long 🙂

[2:49:45 PM] Ana: wow!!!

[2:49:52 PM] Ana: that’s great!

[2:49:59 PM] Maria: i was thinking to try to grow them longer. came last time to hairdresser and they cut me…2cm…so…:)))

[2:50:19 PM] Ana: when i was in boston, people always asked me if i was from east europe

[2:50:33 PM] Ana: because of my accent and skin and hair’s colour

[2:50:33 PM] Maria: really? why? did you asked them why

[2:50:56 PM] Maria: so if we meet up, we gonna look like from one country 😉

[2:51:04 PM] Ana: they told me i talk as a russian

[2:51:09 PM] Maria: really?!

[2:51:19 PM] Maria: so i am russian. then you talk like me?!

[2:51:27 PM] Ana: and one day i was in the russian neighborhood

[2:51:40 PM] Ana: and i listened some people talking

[2:51:55 PM] Ana: and it really sounds as brazilian portuguese

[2:52:04 PM] Ana: i don’t know why

[2:52:12 PM] Ana: it has to do with fonemas

[2:52:16 PM] Ana: fonetica

[2:52:21 PM] Maria: maybe

[2:52:31 PM] Ana: phonetic

[2:52:31 PM] Maria: but interesting that you felt that similarity

[2:52:47 PM] Ana: i imagine, but i’m not sure

(our conversation on skype, 10 September 2011)

Letter 49

Trying to fix words up

Letter 48

a big hole inside of me

full of emptiness

no a filler either



Letter 47


Letter to you

you are free to fly

up to you to decide

who holds the line

Letter with no picture

It’s so often happen to me that I see an image, I am passing it, but I keep it in my minds only, not on the film in my camera.

Sometimes I regret about it. Sometimes I enjoy the fact that this image belongs to me only.

Sometimes I wish to write down what I saw but I forget. Sometimes I do write down it.

I am sure lots of people have such kind of pictures…which were seen but never taken.

Let them describe it for us. Let them tell us.


Responses from other people are here: NO PICTURE THEME

Letter 27

Only silence remains.

Letter 26.

Achieving the horizont, you open a new one for yourself.

Letter 25

All love ends in a deep sea, at last.

(Mumbai, India, 2011)

Letter 24

Mumbai. To reach it, you have to write it.  The photography could not. (I could not)

Letter 2+2

you are going to the places where i was.

you are going to meet people who i know.

i am happy and sad

but with hope

you find something special in them as i did.



when you are back, tell me your story.

Letter 22

My dear Maria,

What to do with the canvas you once offered me? Especially me, my sweet, the one who never knows what to do in front of a white surface, a white landscape, in front of any possibility to come? Meanwhile I look at things, not the invisibles ones, but the ones we can touch, even if briefly, with our eyes and hands. All these things without value. Minor things. A piece of a handwritten paper, for an example. The sunflower next to the window. Some book passages. Or remembering the sea. Everything is so tiny. You would say that memory is not touchable. And I disagree. Have you ever tried to lay your body over a memory. It is almost unbearable, but, oh!, how to live without it? I have an inclination towards memories and things with no value. For me, they have said enough.

Letter 21

it’s hidden flow there. swim and vanish.

feel the sea everywhere.

open horizon.

Letter 20

through a grief on her face

i can see

a new canvas to paint


Letter 19

She has only one child. She calls him: my little grasshopper. He doesn’t know, but she is about to cry.

Letter 18

there are more than fifty teapots on her shelf.

she has a big family.

Letter 17

On the shelf lays a picture of her child.

Letter 16

Sometimes just a small thing makes us feel different, or helps us to feel balanced.

Letter 15

“It happened suddenly. One day I looked in the mirror and I couldn’t recognize myself.”

Letter 14

‘Mr Palomar…asks himself why he is so interested in giraffes. Perhaps because the world around him moves in an unharmonious way, and he hopes always to find some pattern in it, a constant. Perhaps because he himself feels that his own advance is impelled by uncoordinated movements of the mind, which seem to have nothing to do with one another and are increasingly difficult to fit inot any pattern of inner harmony.’ (Italo Calvino)

this photo was taken by my mum 25 years ago.

this book was published 25 years ago.

i am reading now.

and i love giraffes.

Letter 13

deep breath.


dream away.

don’t wake me up.

letter 12

in the midst of your dreams

two or three swift-flying


Letter 11

I came back from the trip.

I wanted to tell you all the stories happened with me.

It’s always strange to come back home which is not my home.

Or it is home indeed?

What is your home?

Letter 10

we are just shadow creators.

that’s all.

Letter 9

One day every single room will be taken by its arms. And from the men who once lived there will rest nothing but the dreams they whispered in the very blue night.






Letter 8

loosing her track

like water

in the sand

like music

flinging across the sea

Letter 7

“There is no means of testing which decision is better, because there is no basis for comparision. We live everything as it comes, without warning, like an actor going on cold. And what can life be worth if the first rehearsal for life is life itself? That is why life is always like a sketch. No, ‘sketch’ is not quite the word, because a sketch is an outline of something, the groundwork for a picture, whereis the sketch that is our life is a sketch for nothing, an outline with no picture” (Milan Kundera)

*i like number 7 by the way

Letter 6


Letter 5

my heart.


i need a new stitch.


and bruise on the left leg.

Letter 3

touching the clouds
with the tip of feet

* i wanted to write something to you. your letter came to me first.

Letter 4

How weird is it – I thought of you and I came to write a letter for you.

But I noticed that at the same time, you came here and are writing me.




Which word starts from C is the answer?

Have you ever heard that the periods of women who share the house since some time of living together become run at the same time. This physiology is sort of magic for me. I even don’t want to know the answer on it. The same as the answer on why we both came online at the same time.

I like to play in magics.

Letter 2

I shot it yesterday.

I send it to you today.

Letter 1

It’s the dry season
The city has become
A lonely desert
As my heart
Everything burns

* the taste of the sea on my lips *