tea coffee and something else

From: Ana Carvalho <nicacarvalho@gmail.com>

To: Maria Kapajeva <kapajeva@yahoo.com>

hi maria,

i’ve been so busy these days… sorry for not talking to you yesterday…
how about to set a new theme for our blog? and start inviting people?
you said you have some ideias.

these days i can only think about loneliness. not related to sadness… but with the daily life, tasks, hurry… all these things related to our days and cities…. maybe we could explore this… but you said something about tea. and tea remembers me meetings. so it would be much happier to talk about it instead of loneliness…

well, let’s talk and see what we decide for next topic.
i’m looking forward to it!!!
many hugs


i have got this email from you today.

i am dreaming about tea or coffee alone.

just me, coffee/tea and book.

but i have no time for it.


so should we invite other women then?

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