tea coffee and something else

From: Ana Carvalho <nicacarvalho@gmail.com>

To: Maria Kapajeva <kapajeva@yahoo.com>

hi maria,

i’ve been so busy these days… sorry for not talking to you yesterday…
how about to set a new theme for our blog? and start inviting people?
you said you have some ideias.

these days i can only think about loneliness. not related to sadness… but with the daily life, tasks, hurry… all these things related to our days and cities…. maybe we could explore this… but you said something about tea. and tea remembers me meetings. so it would be much happier to talk about it instead of loneliness…

well, let’s talk and see what we decide for next topic.
i’m looking forward to it!!!
many hugs


i have got this email from you today.

i am dreaming about tea or coffee alone.

just me, coffee/tea and book.

but i have no time for it.


so should we invite other women then?

Letter from Julia (around me)

what do I do? it feels like a huge puzzle, no. there are lots of pieces and I try to combine them.
The photography may be one of cores of my life. Everything is connected to it. My relationship with my husband David Dector, who is also photographer, my sons – they are big part of my photography. But it’s hard. I finished a book “Kitab Al-Balad” a year ago and it still haven’t been published, soon my second book will be finished and nothing. Why I’m doing that? Selfpeety is bad i know it.
So I do my photography and wait. At least I do it good.

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*Julia Komissaroff, photographer from Israel.

Letter from Ko (around me)

The ground shook, the mass of water came and the wind of radiation blows.

Someone hung out the carp streamers called Koinobori on the Children’s day, 5th of May, praying boy’s healthy growth. They are swimming facing the Pacific Ocean with their all families.
*Ko Sakauchi, photographer from Tokyo.

Letter 30 (around me)

we all run and run and run. no time. no breathe.

what for?

i have no answer. i am runner too.

i can see only a tiny piece of sky from my window.

and i dream about sea. calm sea.

Letter from Luísa (around me)

*Luísa Horta, artist based in Brazil

Letter from Renata (around me)

Around me, small fragments of daily life

Around me
bared feet
searching for a path
I go along
being the word
the sense
the direction
Even without a route
I’m the guide

(mother’s eyes)

In the heart of a babble
My words vanish
gather on the floor
Sometimes, someone stumbles on them
Pay attention
and a question will arise
From the seed word
springs up a clear speech

(teacher’s eyes)

It grows dark
the house becomes quiet
as the others fall asleep
I think I’m also going to sleep
’cause I am afraid to look

(eyes in the mirror)

*Renata Resende, Brazil ( historian, teacher and mother of João Pedro)

Letter from Yelena (around me)


I’m looking directly at time

in our busy time, then we all have

very little or no time at all.


*Yelena Popova, artist based in UK.

letter from Glaura (around me)

a shadow on the window
from the old house I keep all the memories
of a story that happened there and made me possible writing
writing is something essential
the very gesture that attaches me to the world
take it off and I die
as many others have said…
I keep going every single day trying to find the memory of
something that tells me where I take this strength from
maybe it is just an enormous desire to say
I love you
that’s all
I love you and nothing more

*glaura cardoso, brazil
(translation: ana carvalho and eduardo assis)