Letter 6


Letter 5

my heart.


i need a new stitch.


and bruise on the left leg.

Letter 3

touching the clouds
with the tip of feet

* i wanted to write something to you. your letter came to me first.

Letter 4

How weird is it – I thought of you and I came to write a letter for you.

But I noticed that at the same time, you came here and are writing me.




Which word starts from C is the answer?

Have you ever heard that the periods of women who share the house since some time of living together become run at the same time. This physiology is sort of magic for me. I even don’t want to know the answer on it. The same as the answer on why we both came online at the same time.

I like to play in magics.

Letter 2

I shot it yesterday.

I send it to you today.

Letter 1

It’s the dry season
The city has become
A lonely desert
As my heart
Everything burns

* the taste of the sea on my lips *